Our Comprehensive Care Package supports women through their pregnancy, labor and childbirth, and then into the postpartum period and breastfeeding journey. 

This package includes:

  • A birth doula of your choosing (value: $1200)

  • A Childbirth Education Class (either our 5 -week course or the weekend intensive class) (value: $300)

  • A Breastfeeding/Baby Care Workshop (value: $100)

  • An in-home lactation visit once baby arrives (value: $125)

  • A 4th Trimester/Postpartum Workshop ($75)

Cost: $1500 (actual value of package is $1800)

Possible add-ons:

  • Discounted Prenatal Massage by Becca Brown, LMT: Prenatal Massage - $80 ($90 value)

    Prenatal massage by Becca relieves tension in tight muscles, increases oxygen to mom and baby, aids in the release of happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, encourages bonding with baby, helps mom adapt to the changes her body is going through with pregnancy, increases relaxation for mom and preparing her for labor, may offer relief from constipation. Becca has a ‘cut-out’ table which allows pregnant women to lie face down and receive a full body, deep tissue, fully relaxing prenatal massage.

  • Placenta Encapsulation by kate Tyo, Certified APPA-C: Placenta Encapsulation + Tincture - $300 ($340 value)

    Many women have discovered placenta encapsulation as a way to smooth their transition into motherhood and as an aid in their postpartum recovery! Tyo Placenta offers placenta encapsulation by Chicagoland's first APPA-certified encapsulator, Kate Tyo, and includes a free tincture with your capsules.  From start to finish, Tyo Placenta makes encapsulation a breeze with online registration, transport kits and clear instructions, pick-up of the placenta and delivery of your capsules. Your tincture is indefinitely shelf-stable and will serve you long after you've finished your capsules.  To read more about placenta encapsulation with Tyo Placenta visit chicagoplacenta.com

  • 3-week Infant Massage Class by Adriana Liwsky, Infant Massage Educator