Picnic in the News!

Below is a collection of the articles written about Picnic since our inception. Click below to find out something you may not know about Picnic!


Red Tricycle Article

This article, published in March of 2015, was one of the first written about Picnic. We were such a new business and so excited to have this written. This picture shows one of our very first Friday Night Gatherings... My how we have changed since then!



'Chicago Spotlight'

In this more recent feature, Chicago photographer Candace Ashford, of Modernly Classic Photography, wrote her very first Spotlight blog about Picnic. She visited our toddler play group and took some of the most beautiful photos of the children hard at play. Then, she wrote up this beautiful article about us! 



M & B.jpg

Voyage Chicago Article

In May, the online news magazine, Voyage Chicago, featured Picnic as one of Chicago's 'hidden gems'. They did a great job of capturing what makes Picnic unique and sets us apart from other businesses in the city.


Our First Ever Commercial Video!