Vaginal Birth with narcotics: Kayden’s Birth Story - My 9 month Journey

Man how time flies! I was so excited and nervous at the same time. It was my first pregnancy and I did not know what to expect. Chicago Family Picnic did a great job at informing me that no one’s birthing experiences are the same, which eased my mind. Therefore, after hearing many stories about personal experiences my husband and I decided to follow our own journey.  We knew we needed all the support we could get because our nerves were at an all-time high. Those nerves lead us to Chicago Volunteer Doulas and Chicago Family Picnic.

Chicago Family Picnic helped prepare us for the days leading up to labor, each step of labor, giving birth and planning our wants and needs for our birthing experience. I felt so equipped going into labor because I had an idea of what to expect. My biggest fears were not being able to handle the pain that I would need an epidural and tearing while pushing. Chicago Family Picnic went over pain relieving techniques and different ways to avoid tearing. 

With the help of Chicago Family Picnic I was able to stay home for the beginning of labor. I went into early labor at 6 am and went to the hospital around 4 PM that afternoon. When I made it to the hospital I was already 5 centimeters dilated. I was able to get the birthing tub, flameless candles, soothing music, and lavender scents I wanted. The birthing tub was heaven on earth and helped ease the pain as well as the massages my husband and doula gave. Using those techniques helped make a successful birthing experience without tearing or an epidural.

However, I did get 2 doses of pain meds through the IV which helped me relax and sleep. I still felt contractions with the doses of pain meds, but they were so mild that I could sleep. I was extremely satisfied with only using the IV because I did not want the epidural. Towards the end of my labor as the contractions became more frequent and stronger, thoughts of the epidural filled my mind.  On the other hand, being in the labor tub helped the pain float away as well as the thoughts of the epidural. We ended up having Kayden Amir Woodson the next day, on Sunday July 29th at 12:13 PM. He was 7lb and 21 inches long. Thank you Chicago Family Picnic for your amazing services! My husband and I are beyond satisfied.