The Power of Birth Weekend Intensive Childbirth Class: Birthing with Awareness
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The Power of Birth Weekend Intensive Childbirth Class: Birthing with Awareness

I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed your class! I can’t imagine how hard it is to fit so much into a weekend class, but it was incredibly informative. I really appreciated your kind and welcoming teaching style!
— Sarah (expectant mom)

Upcoming Classes:  (detailed class description below)                                                      

Saturday & Sunday, September 28 & 29 1:00-5:00

Next Class: Saturday & Sunday, November 23 & 24 1:00-5:00

Two ways to Register:

1. Click below to sign up for class, request information about our sliding scale, and make a 20% deposit (with a check or Chase Quick Pay) to hold your spot. Remaining payment will be due at the time of your class (payment plans available).


2. Click on the button below to register and make a full payment via credit card.

Through our Childbirth Classes, we help pregnant moms and Partners feel confident so they can be at the center of their birth experience, able to advocate for themselves and their baby.

During The Power of Birth Weekend Intensive Class, we help prepare pregnant mothers and their partners for childbirth. Through the examination of how a woman’s body prepares for, labors and gives birth, you will discover the amazing changes that will take place and how trust in your body is paramount. Moms and partners leave class feeling confident in her ability to birth her baby.

Couples are supported during class by looking at their fears, worries, and ideas about pregnancy, birth and becoming parents. Through presenting only the most current, evidence-based information about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, we feel confident that you leave class able to speak up, ask questions, and make informed decisions for yourself and your baby. 

In addition to our Childbirth classes, we recommend taking a Breastfeeding/Baby Care workshop. We offer a three-hour class that when coupled with our Childbirth class, the workshop is discounted $25 and includes an in-home lactation visit once baby has arrived. You can register for both on our registration page!

Once your baby has arrived, every couple will participate in a 4th trimester/postpartum workshop. This will cover what the postpartum period is realistically like for babies, parents, and your new family. All of the wonderful resources that exist in your community for new parents and infants will be available. In addition, we will offer referrals for any family that needs more support. Couples determine which class date fits their baby’s birth date best. We recommend that families attend this workshop in the first month of their baby’s life.

In our Childbirth Classes, we welcome moms with their partners, same-sex couples, and single parents that are preparing for a hospital, birth center, or at-home births; receiving care from Midwives or Obstetricians; and who have single or multiple pregnancies. 

Our classes draw from many different birth philosophies: Informed Beginnings, BirthWorks, Lamaze, and Bradley.

Cost: Weekend Intensive: $300 (sliding fee available for those who need it) *Take our Breastfeeding/Baby Care Workshop at a discounted cost of $75 additional! 


Rebecca Nguyen, Childbirth Educator trained in Informed Beginnings, To Labor trained doula, Certified Lactation Consultant, M.Ed

Sue Gottschall, Childbirth Educator trained in BirthWorks, DONA trained doula, Certified Lactation Consultant, M.Ed

Becca Brown, Childbirth Educator trained in Lamaze, DONA trained doula, Licensed Massage Therapist

**Private classes also available for first time parents, refresher classes, or if planning a VBAC   

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