Picnic’s Highly Qualified Doulas

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Adriana Liwsky, BA in Psychology, DONA Certified, and ProDoula Certified Doula, CBE, CLC, CMT, CEIM

I became a Doula because I firmly believe in the extraordinary value of supporting and empowering women during the most important time of their lives. I bring evidence-based information, an abundance of comfort measures, the emotional support you need and a wealth of experience. My services are tailored to you and your needs. I make sure you are heard, respected, supported and well guided through your journey to mothering your new baby. Your choices will be honored in a non-judgmental way. It is your birth, your way, your needs. I will be there to support you as well as your partner as she/he supports you. I have been a clinical massage therapist for 21 years. I use massage during labor as a tool to bring comfort and ease intensity to the laboring mother. I am also a Postpartum Doula and a Placenta Encapsulator. My native language is Spanish and I also speak Portuguese and English.

Celia Leventhal, DONA Trained Doula, MSW

Enchanted by newborns, and fascinated by pregnancy, birth, and the development of new families, I became a doula. I have assisted birthing moms at several Chicago area hospitals, volunteered for Chicago Volunteer Doulas since 2014, and taken the Spinning Babies course. I support moms before and during labor and delivery, with midwives and physicians in many settings, according to the mother’s wishes with safety in mind for mom and baby. I fully support breastfeeding, while recognizing that for some families it is not a workable option. I help women and their partners understand and choose childbirth options that will give them and their babies the best possible beginnings, while acknowledging that each pregnancy and birth is unique and somewhat unpredictable.


Becca and Becca are working as a doula partnership:

Becca Brown, LMT, DONA Trained Doula, NCBTMB Approved Provider

I attended my first birth in 2006, and have since taken several workshops to further my education in pregnancy and childbirth. I have been a volunteer doula for Chicago Volunteer Doulas.  I have attended births at Evanston, West Suburban, Swedish, Prentice and Masonic. I am respectful of each woman's desire to have a medicated or un-medicated birth and provide support in either situation. As an advocate for the parents, I strive to make the birth of your child a positive experience. I became certified in pregnancy massage in 2004. 

Rebecca Nguyen, ToLabor Trained Doula, CBE, LC

I am awed by pregnancy and the way a woman’s body knows how to grow, birth, and nurture a baby through breastfeeding. Birth is hard work and requires the unconditional support of the people present. Through comfort measures, positioning, emotional support and touch, I encourage a birthing mother to feel empowered. At the same time, I help her partner stay calm while remaining involved in the process of the birth of their baby. I believe every woman can labor in the way that is best for her and her baby. As a doula, I am there to support that experience and their choices completely. 


Pam Hoffman, DONA Trained Doula

As a doula I feel my role is to provide emotional and physical support to women prior to, during and after birth. I believe every woman is unique, as is every birth. The birth journey is a time a woman chooses the best options for her and her baby; I support those choices. I have been a doula since the 90's.  I did not know then that supporting friends before, during and after birth had a name, and it is “doula”. I attended DONA training in 2012 and have been a part of birth journeys ever since. I have also worked as a volunteer doula at Chicago Volunteer Doulas. I find the most fulfilling part of being a doula is experiencing the empowerment and the strength of a woman going through the beauty of birth. It is a privilege to be a part of this journey.   


Kate tyo, Childbirth International Certified Doula

Kate Tyo has been a Chicagoland doula for 8 years and loves working with women and their families as they welcome a new life into their crew.  Kate's past clients love her for her ability to bring a strong sense of peace and calm into the birth environment as well as her sense of humor. Kate's hope is that every birthing woman will know what her options are and feel supported, listened to, and involved in the process from the prenatal care she receives through her postpartum recovery.  Kate currently focuses her doula services in and around Evanston, attending births at home (yours, not hers!) and at Evanston Northshore Hospital. When she's not busy with birth work, Kate wrangles her three kids with her husband, drinks a lot of coffee, and pretends to Konmari her home. 


Sue Gottschall, DONA trained Doula, CLC, CBE (Cesarean Birth Doula Support)

  "As a Cesarean Birth Doula, I support women and their partners in planned Cesareans that are medically necessary.  This includes women who choose to have a second cesarean because of trauma experienced in their first labor and cesarean.  Believing strongly that a cesarean is a childbirth (and not a "section"), I talk with parents about the new Gentle Birth Cesarean and what they might ask for, to make it truly their birth.  
In addition to helping parents prepare for a Cesarean birth, I am available on the day it is scheduled, waiting with parents before it begins, meeting them in recovery, and going with them to the postpartum unit to provide whatever support is needed for the mother and baby.  When the mother wishes it, I can also accompany her in surgery.  
I have been a doula for the past 10 years supporting parents through childbirth and providing postpartum assistance. It has become increasingly important to me to assist mothers and partners experiencing a cesarean birth.  They need as much, if not more, support than parents having a vaginal birth.  As a 4 time cesarean mother myself, I know  intimately the emotions and physical challenges that accompany a cesarean.  If I can make this experience more "birth-like" with the mother at the center of her birth and receiving her baby minutes after delivery, then the cesarean can become '“another way to birth your baby."